Aloha No Line

Appointment Management Solution with Geolocation

With our appointment booking solution, your customers can schedule appointments for both in-person and virtual meetings.

Why Aloha No Line?

Give your customers freedom and optimize service

Main features

Provide your customers with the best experience with Aloha NoLine!

Geolocation of branches

Branches near the customer pre-filtered according to selected transaction.

Complete platform configuration

Configurable services and transactions according to business needs.

Branch-specific agenda management

Administración de calendarios globales y por sucursal​. Configuración de capacidad operativa por agenda.

Customer communication management

Appointment notifications and reminders sent to mobile phones. Cross-selling possibilities.

Customer reception with appointment

Customers enter a virtual queue, receive a digital ticket, and state notifications on their mobile phones.


Appointment Scheduling and Pre-Booking Management with Geolocation

For companies

  • Operational capacity configuration per schedule.
  • Customizable according to business needs.
  • Capacity configuration per branch and sector.
  • Capacity configuration per visit reason.
  • Intelligent calculation of wait times.
  • Reception for scheduled customers.

For clients

  • Remote scheduling for in-person or virtual appointments.
  • Contactless scheduling for customers without appointments.
  • Notifications of appointment status.
  • Reduces wait times.

The opportunity you've 
been waiting for!

Prioritize your customers and turn them into brand advocates by offering them the ability to schedule in-person or virtual appointments at any time.

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