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The preeminent solution for addressing your diverse customer service requrements

Ecosystem of modules and functionalities

Aloha is a comprehensive system that covers the entire customer service process and supports the customer at every step.

      • Soporte postventa
      • Customización
      • API integration
      • Hardware
      • Aloha Cloud infrastructure
      • BI Business Intelligence
      • Aloha Data Science
      • Antalk Speech Analytics
      • Aloha Recordings
      • Aloha Feedback
      • Content Management
      • Aloha Display
      • Atención Virtual
      • Line Manager
      • Aloha Noline
      • Aloha Whatsapp

    Aloha in real time

    Discover how Aloha’s ecosystem works

    Aloha Display

    • Content management for screens by branch and region.
    • Digital signage solutions.
    • Advertisement integration.
    • Mobile notifications to the customer's phone.

    Integración: Antalk

    • Audio storage and management.
    • STT transcription engine.
    • Dashboard and reporting.
    • Machine Learning Suite.

    Aloha No Line

    • Allows your customers to schedule an appointment for service from anywhere.
    • Reduces customer wait times.
    • Minimizes congestion of people in waiting areas.

    Aloha Video Assistance

    • Audio/Video call.
    • Live chat.
    • Screen sharing by both the customer and the advisor.

    Aloha Line Manager

    • Customer reception via kiosk or host.
    • Contactless check-in.
    • Configurable services and processes.
    • Real-time control of wait times and service.
    • Assignment and routing based on advisor skills.
    • Prioritization and parameterization of queues.
    • Operational KPI dashboards with historical data.
    • Interactive map for agile branch management.

    Aloha Check in - Contactless

    • Efficient and secure experience.
    • Contactless customer reception.
    • Significant savings on hardware.
    • Cost reduction in bio-security.

    Aloha Recordings

    • Allows recording of all interactions, in-person and virtual, between advisors and customers.
    • Captures complete conversations and interactions for precise tracking.
    • Analyzes dynamics and adjusts practices to improve customer service.

    Aloha Feedback

    • Customers rate their service through feedback surveys.
    • Customize questions and answers according to business needs.
    • Set up different surveys for various processes.

    Aloha Data Science

    • Data visualization.
    • Pattern recognition.
    • Tracking of business indicators.

    Client journey

    Enhance customer satisfaction at every point of contact in all types of services

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