Aloha Line Manager

System for controlling physical and virtual branches. Manage customer service with prioritized appointments and queue weighting based on value.

When customers arrive, they can check in contactlessly (QR - wifi - NFC) and be assisted by specialized advisors.

Why Aloha Line Manager?

Organize the flow of your customers.

Main features

Aloha Line Manager optimizes your customers' experience

Turn generation

When your customer books an appointment, they will be assigned to a specialized advisor to assist them.

Appointment management

Management of appointments. Prioritization of appointments and weighting of queues according to value.

Monitoring and real-time management

Complete control of the advisor's times in face-to-face and virtual appointments.

Attention specialization

Specialize the attention so that your customers are served by those who know the most about your processes.

Contactless check-in

When the customer arrives, they can check in without contact (QR - WiFi - NFC).


Define your queues, your services, and your transactions

For companies

  • Reception of customers by kiosk or host.
  • Contactless check-in reduces hardware usage.
  • Configurable services and processes.
  • Real-time control of wait and service times.
  • Assignment and routing based on advisor skills.
  • Prioritization and queue parameterization.
  • Appointment scheduling for back-office work.
  • Operational KPI dashboards with historical information.
  • Interactive map for agile branch management.

For clients

  • Turn tracking.
  • Reduces wait times.
  • Option for contactless check-in.
  • Provides peace of mind regarding biosafety.
  • Avoids overcrowding in waiting lines.

The opportunity you've 
been waiting for!

Prioritize your customers and turn them into brand advocates by offering them the ability to schedule in-person or virtual appointments at any time.

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